Architect . Yogi . Creative

The Art of Cultivating Joy to Reignite Creativity

This workshop is the sum of my own experiences navigating mental health. It is a product of merging what I’ve learned as an Architect, my yoga practice and passion for creativity. After a 20 year struggle with depression and anxiety, I took the conscious decision to reclaim JOY in my life.

Using my innate curiosity, combined with my creative process, I have explored a myriad of techniques to shift my perception on how I navigate life’s challenges.

The results of developing a practice of joy, and focusing on the importance of setting clear intentions, have boosted my healing process and transformed my life altogether.

During this two hour workshop, I lead the group through a series of 5 exercises -including meditation, journalling, body work and freehand drawings- so attendees can leave with a clear way to identify what brings them joy, and how to incorporate it into their daily routines.

Attendees also learn how to better connect and identify with emotions, and how they feel within their bodies, as a way to become more assertive when reacting to life around them.


I’d love to tell you all about it! Please feel free to send and email or check out upcoming events on my Instagram account!.

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